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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  July 13, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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thank you for being with us. leading lawmakers back at the white house today for more talks to on raising the nation's debt limit. the issue of taxes has negotiations at a standstill.
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danielle nottingham reports republicans are suggesting a plan. >> reporter: president obama called leading lawmakers back to the white house today, hoping to break the stalemate over the nation's debt limit. it's their fourth meeting in four days. >> we haven't made best efforts yet because nobody has actually stepped up and said -- on the republican side that we're willing to do what's right for the country. >> this idea that republicans will not vote to increase the debt limit is wrong. we're going to introduces a plan that would give the president an increase in the debt limit. >> on his own. >> the senate's top republican is launching the long shot proposal, since democrats won't take tax increases off the table. it would let the president increase the debt limit on his own, unless a majority of congress blocks him. bottom line, both sides know letting the u.s. default on its loans would be catastrophic. the president is not rejecting the mcconnell plan but agrees with republicans, it's a last
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resort. after weeks of negotiations, tax increase are still the main sticking point. democrats want to close some tax loopholes that benefit wealthy americans and big corporations. but republicans argue that's basically raising taxes in a recession and that is something they won't support. lawmakers need to come up with a plan in the next two weeks so it can be passed and signed into law by august 2nd. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white houses. the federal government actually hit its debt ceiling several weeks ago. since then, treasury officials have been using accounting maneuvers to pay the nation's bills without borrowing money. a d.c. advisory commissioner will not have his day in court because d.c. mayor gray did not show up as a defense witness. 58-year-old keith silver was one of more than 70 d.c. residents arrested during protests at the capitol and the white house. residents are fighting for voting rights and the right to
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spend local dollars how they choose. silver was ready for trial today, but the attorney general's office representing the mayor moved to squash the mayor's subpoena citing it was an inconvenience as the highest ranking official for the district. the mayor had paid the fine when he was arrested. silver and d.c. voters say they will not give up that fight. >> and these people here today, and i will do all we can to make sure that chief silver's first amendment rights are protected and that the cause for which he stood is made free. >> hopefully some awareness and getting people involved with the question for d.c. statehood. this has been an ongoing issue for our citizens. >> that's not set a new trial date. the next hearing is in september. silver faces $500 in fines and 180 days in jail. eight others will face a trial
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in september. we're following a developing story from mumbai, india. authorities say terrorists set off three bombs in three crowded areas. at least 17 people are dead, 81 others injured. this is footage from an indian television network. this is the first major attack on mumbai since 10 militants laid siege to the capital city in november of 2008. several cars were vandalized lasts night, and montgomery county police are looking for suspects. residents noticed their cars were vandalized as they left for work this morning. many had racial and anti-gay slurs spray-painted on them. traffic crisis was averted this morning on the beltway. the road was closed, actually, in the tysons corner area after
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a construction crew working on the hot lanes came in contact with live wires. the power lines fell across the entire stretch of the beltway. crews got a temporary fix by 5 a.m., a permanent fix will be taken care of for tonight. roger clemmons' perjury trial is now underway. the former baseball star is accused of lying to congress about using steroids and human growth hormone. we have more from the federal courthouse in northwest washington. >> reporter: roger clemmons and his attorney arrived for the first day of testimony in his perjury trial. the former baseball superstar is accused of lying to congress in 2008, when he testified under oath. >> let me be clear, i have never taken steroids or hgh. >> 10 women and two men in the jury must decide if they believe him or the prosecution star witness, the pitcher area former trainer. >> i injected those drugs into
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the body of roger clemmons at his direction. >> clemmons claims those injections were vitamin b-12. several former major league players could also testify against the pitcher, including his former teammate and friend, andy pettitte, who told congress clemmons admitted using human growth hormone. but before any prosecution witnesses take the stand, the defense is expected to question the basis for the charges, saying congress had no right to investigate the use of drugs in sports in the first place. clemmons' lawyer will argue that the house hearing in 2008 had no legislative purpose. prosecutors contend congress has broad oversight responsibility that go beyond legislation. if convicted of perjury, making false statements and obstruction of congress, clemmons could be sent to prison. the trial is expected to last up to six weeks. cbs news, washington. it's not known if clemmons will take the stand, but his
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defense attorney has hinted he may not. during jury selection, a potential al panelist was asked if they could decide the manager its of the case by only hearing one side. a campbell county, virginia mother and her son are become international hostages. they were kidnapped yesterday morning in the philippines. muslim militants are suspected. both are u.s. citizens. the mother is originally from the philippines, and she was visiting family. friends in virginia are now haunted by a conversation they had with the son kevin just before he and his mother left. >> he did not want to go. he told us he just -- he feared going. >> the u.s. state department is getting the involved. it has called for the family's immediate release, and it wants
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the kidnappers prosecuted. still to come when 9news now continues, the owner of a pennsylvania restaurant is banning children, leaving some with a very bad taste. >> the british phone hacking scandal doles a big blow to rupert murdoch. i'll have the story coming up.
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the intense hunt for a boy missing in new york city has taken a shocking and tragic turn. this morning, investigators found some of the dismembered remains of nine-year-old libby inside a dumpster. the rest of the child's body was found in a refrigerator inside the home of a man being questioned by police. on monday, the boy was coming home from day camp and was supposed to meet his mother about three blocks away. he never showed up. >> he was seen on video leaving the school at 5:5 p.m. monday. 35 minutes later, he was in a 1990 brown honda accord with levee aaron, who brought the boy to his apartment, killed him there, and then dismembered
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the body. >> 35-year-old levee aaron has been officially charged with the boy's murder. he remains in police custody. the u.s. coast guard is called off the search for seven americans missing off the coast of mexico. they were on a chartered fishing boat that sank more than a week ago. about three dozen people survived that disaster. many swam for hours. media mogul rupert murdoch is taking another direct hit, and the phone hacking scandal. he's dropped his bid to take over a british television network. tina krause has more on the investigation that is threatening murdoch's empire. >> reporter: it's a stunning defeat for rupert murdoch's media empire. news corp is withdrawing its $14 billion bid for the lucrative british satellite company b sky b.
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the pullout combs just hours after britain's phone hacking scandal hit the houses of parliament. >> what has happened is disgraceful, got to be addressed and they should stop thinking about merges when they have to sort out the mess they've created. >> lawmakers had planned an afternoon vote to force murdoch to back away from the takeover deal. but news corp folded first, saying it was too difficult to progress in the current climate. murdoch came under attack after revelations his tabloid, the news of the world, hacked into the phones of murder and terror victims. the scandal has also embarrassed the prime minister, known for a cozy relationship with the media mogul for hiring andy colson at this communication chief. police arrested colson last week, accusing him of lying about the hacking while he was editor of the tabloid. >> the public wants us to do is address this firestorm. they want us to sort out bad practices of the media. >> a small group of protestors
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marched outside murdoch's london home as the car carrying the boss sped past cameras. members of parliament could question murdoch, his son james, and news corps's ceo rebecca brooks next week. tina crouse, cbs news, london. murdoch is still leaving the door open to purchase b sky b, saying news corp reserves the right for a bid in the future. coming up, annie has the forecast. >> we've got some clouds moving in. i'll talk about the storm chances for us today, before we get some real relief in the weather. but first, here's your allergy report, where the grass pollens are still moderate and the mold also in the moderate range. 9news is next with your forecast!
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the owner of a restaurant near harrisburg, pennsylvania is taking heat over his decision to ban children under the age of six. the ban goes into effect this saturday. the owner of mcdain's restaurant says he came up with the idea because he got tired of rowdy children. well, the decision is not sitting well with some. >> i think that's crazy. it's -- actually discrimination, because there's a lot of families that might want to go there to eat with children. >> i just don't think it's acceptable. i don't think it's good for business. >> i think it's terrible.
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i don't know why you can't take your family in. i wouldn't go there! >> some support, though. many patrons say they want a night out with adult conversation, free of children. do you have a problem with overgrown plants in your yard? well, if so, you might want to call goats. goats are -- have been called in to eat weeds and invasive plants on this 33-acre property of the east walton league. a conservation organization in gates burk, maryland. it's i way of clearing the land without using damaging chemicals. a company called call goats brings the animals in to chomp through the plants, one acre at a time. >> they're a huge problem, and we are not immune to that here. and we have a lot of invasives and we're glad we can use a
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sustainable environmentally friendly, cost-effective way of trying to remove those species from our property. >> they have already successfully cleared land in st. mary's city and anne arundel county and have been used by the maryland state highway administration. >> and growing national trend in california, and oregon, it's great to see a natural way to deal with pesky problem. >> that's right. all right, so it's a lot better today, it's not as hot as yesterday. >> yes, that's the improvement. it's still uncomfortable for a lot of folks, especially a and for the kids. but yes, you're absolutely right, not as bad as yesterday. it's still humid, but we're going to really feel the relief tomorrow. right now we're going to see some clouds moving in, already partly sunny conditions out there. by late this afternoon, chance for some isolated thunderstorms and they become more widely scattered further south you head. by 7:00, temperatures around upper 80s and then by 9:00, around 84 degrees. you can see here by late this afternoon, temperatures will be
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topping out probably low to mid- 90s today, thanks to the cloud cover. here's a look at the satellite radar picture. some showers and storms went through northwest and pennsylvania, philadelphia. we got some clouds that have roll in so we may see some stormy conditions later this afternoon. right now temperatures are in the lower 90s in downtown, 88 for leagues burg and 88 for culpeper and orange. 87 in martinsburg and hagerstown. the heat index when you factor in the humidity, temperatures are feeling like they're in the low 90s in did. c. 93 for gaithersburg. so it's not too bad. a little more bearable for sure, compared to yesterday. so not quite as hot this afternoon, compared to yesterday. but we are looking at some afternoon and evening thunderstorms. some could be heavy, couple could be severe. thursday looks just great. really nice. and friday also looks pretty good. maybe some storms in there as well. here's a look at your future- cast. we have a cold front coming in from the north, heading south. along that front and ahead of it we could see some storms
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lining up with it, some scattered showers, some of the storms could pack in some damaging gusts, but you see by late tonight the clouds will also start to clear out overnight, and then we're going to really make way for some dryer air, some canadian air, which means cooler conditions tomorrow. tomorrow looks really almost perfect for july! highs today, so near mid-90s around downtown. 95 in fredericksburg. lower 90s for winchester. 84 in cumberland, annapolis toward the bay warming up into the upper 80s. overnight, it won't be a little cooler also tonight, compared to the last warm night and muggy nights. you also feel the air, not as humid. so overnight, cooling down to the upper 60s, close to 70 in downtown. mid-60s in manassas. frederick 62. gaithersburg, 65 degrees. so it will feel a little better as you step out the door. here's your next three days. so hot today. low to mid-90s. watch for thunderstorms. if you see it or caught in the
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middle, trying to find some shelter to be safe because some could be heavy if not severe. tomorrow looks really great. temperature-wise, 84, not humid. lots of sun. no storm threat. friday temperature-wise, 85. the winds at this point are supposed to shift from the southeast on friday, which means we may see more humidity on friday. but also chance for isolated storms. the weekend not looking too bad here, in the mid to upper 80s. saturday could be a little unsettled. a chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms. sunday we warm back up in the upper 80s. monday and tuesday, we're back into the 90s. as of now, looks like tuesday could be another hot one. that's your forecast. we're coming back with jc in the kitchen. we'll be right back.
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at we're dirk out payea today with the chef from the famous restaurant in the quarter. and he tells me that actually, there is a festival that will start at his restaurant on monday. it will run for two weeks, and what will be happening? >> correct. we are running a really special festival, and everything is about paela. this traditional dish from spain. as you know, you can put whatever you want, lobster, vegetables, ribs. everything. chicken, mushrooms. so all the festival is about this dish. it's a really special festival.
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>> so each day there there be a different one featured? >> we'll have every day, seven different ones for the guests. >> different ones. >> like mushrooms, seafood, lobster, everything. so you can come to the restaurant and enjoy any type. if you're vegetarian, you can have the vegetables. >> that is what this is. >> exactly. the perfect because it's ready to put the rice in. >> this is special rice. what kind of rice? >> really nice rice for the paela. you put it in here. >> you don't cook it? >> yes, yes, yes. we don't have the stock. i do -- put some in this. >> all right. and -- >> perfect! >> hot? >> no, it's not. you told me you already cook t right? >> yes, but i didn't make mine like this. i think i cooked the rice separately. i didn't put it in the dish because i didn't have a nice pan like this. >> so the nice thing of this festival is we're running, we have a guest chef from spain
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that shows us all the techniques and ingredients. everything about all the secrets about this phenomenal dish from spain. >> what is this you're putting in? >> that is a stock. >> mushroom stock. >> vegetarian. we need to keep the line. >> okay. >> we're going to put a mushroom stock to make sure that we don't put any -- this is basically mushroom vegetables, water and let it boil altogether. >> and in here we have string beans, what else, carrots? >> carrots, cauliflower, zucchini, many, many vegetables. you can put any vegetable. there is no rules. but now we're going to put the secret ingredient. >> what is that? >> -- that's enough? i'm sorry. i'm sorry. mess it up! the recipe is on the website, the right amount of saffron is on the website!
12:28 pm be sure to go to this restaurant for their festival. it begins on monday, and you'll get the most fabulous paela. thank you for being with us! >> thank you very much. always a pleasure. >> so good! this is the finished product. and it has the right amount of of saffron, i promise you! thanks for being with us! come back about visit us at 5.
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